Sunday, February 11, 2007

On being a sheep

As is true with most younger siblings I tend to follow my older brothers and sisters. In attempt to follow my siblings I have decieded to start a blog, the problem with this is that I may be able to copy some things of the family but talent is not one of them. I am indeed aware of this but in my foolish wish to be apart of everything my olders brothers and sisters do, I have started this blog. It will in no way be comparable to that of my family but I will do my best. I did infact fight the urge to follow for a while but when my parents both (other than the previously mentioned lack of talent) is that there is a lack of ideas and interesting thoughts. While writing this I tried to hide the fact that it is very short by changingthe size of the font but still remains that I may try as hard as I can to copy my siblings but sadly no one can not imitate talent.